About Rockwell Big enough to serve, Small enough to care.
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  • Address: 3435 E. Stonebridge Lane, Eagle Mountain UT 84045
  • Phone: 801-789-7625
  • Fax: 801-789-7628
  • Website: http://www.rockwellhigh.net

Serving Grades 7-12

Mission Statement

The mission of Rockwell Charter High School is to prepare students for success in their post-secondary educational endeavors.

Desired Results of Student Learning

    A graduate of Rockwell Charter High School will be:
  • A life-long learner committed to future academic endeavors
  • Aware of their rights and responsibilities as citizens.
  • Cognizant of a strong sense of self and of their place in the world

Belief Statements

    Rockwell Charter High School believes in:
  • Providing a well-rounded, rigorous college preparatory education.
  • Maintaining a friendly, respectful environment through mentoring relationships.
  • Developing relevant programs and activities that provide a wide-range of leadership, academic, and social experiences for each student.
  • Bringing students, parents, staff, and community together to continually improve the quality of the programs, activities, and education offered.

Belief Statements

Rockwell Charter High School (RCHS) is a public charter high school that will serve students in grades 7 through 12. The school will provide a rigorous college-preparatory, liberal arts education with a smaller environment than most traditional public schools while offering a well-rounded high school experience. Athletics, activity clubs, service organizations, and other activities will be part of the Rockwell experience.

The school believes if students are truly led, they will follow. If expectations are set high, then they will rise to the occasion and achieve more than they thought possible. Rockwell Charter High School will lead and set high expectations so all students can be successful in their personal and academic pursuits.

The opportunity to be challenged, to be supported, and guided toward a future that includes a college degree is the right of every student who attends Rockwell Charter High School. Students will be encouraged to take courses at the appropriate challenging level, work hard, be responsible and accountable for their education.

The school's goal is to form relationships between students, teachers, families and the community to assist in accomplishing their educational mission and goals. Parents will be strongly encouraged to foster the educational goals established at school and to set high academic expectations in the home.

Technology will play an integral part of the student's academic experience in preparing them for a higher education and career in the future. RCHS plans to utilize technology extensively to support the curriculum, programs and goals of the school. The school's intent is to ensure all students are technologically literate before graduation and have the ability to live and work in a world where technology is no longer the exception, but the rule. The school will maintain both stationary and mobile computer labs for research, curriculum support, interactive learning, and collaborative online projects.

Technology will be integrated in a variety of ways in the classroom including smart boards, wikis, and podcasts to supplement instructor lectures; computer-based digital projects; online testing and interactive online educational games; as well as strategic integration of many commonly used professional applications.

RCHS will also use web-based educational programs as a forum to communicate to the school community including students, parents and teachers. Homework assignments, grades, progress reports, newsletters, and information regarding school activities and events will be accessible online, enhancing and improving communication.

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