• Board Meeting Schedule Change

    Dear Parents and Teachers,
    Due to some scheduling issues we are adjusting our start time on board meeting this Tuesday, April 15th, to start at 5:30. The first part will be spent on annual board evaluations. We will then have public comment at 7:00. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. We are planning on reviewing the dress code, as well as voting on changes to the Board Bylaws. The proposed changes to the Board Bylaws are available for your review in the front office. We welcome public participation.
    Thanks, Rockwell Charter Board

  • Accreditation

    On October 29th and 30th this year, Rockwell underwent an external review. This review looked at specific areas of academics and operation to determine the school's fitness to exist as part of the public system of instruction here in Utah. This accreditation effort is crucial.

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From the Director


Dear Rockwell students and families,

What a quick run it has been! We are already two-thirds of the way through this school year with no signs of slowing down. I appreciate everyone's efforts daily to get the job done well that we each have to do. It is not done perfectly and someone may do it differently than you would, but we are growing and developing something to last for the longest possible term. In fact, we want the good we do to outlast our presence not only here, but in this life as well.

As we look ahead to this final third of the school year, my hope is that our students will feel ready for their subject and state tests that are ahead of them, that allow each to show their understanding of each subject. I know our students can do better than they think they can and will do the best they can on these assessments. But more crucial than whether or not I know they can do it, is if they are willing to believe in themselves. If they don't believe in themselves, it is hard to accomplish much of anything. All of us need to believe we can do tough things because we can and we have more often than we sometimes appreciate.

As the last third of a school year sees lots of challenges hit from assessments to Senioritis to regional and state activities and athletic competitions, among other things, I just want to challenge everyone to continue to cheer one another on, to support each other the best we can, and to never give up when going after various objectives.

"Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game." - Babe Ruth

Best always,

Darren Beck,
Rockwell Charter High School

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