• Additional Help

    For the past 2 1/2 years, Rockwell has offered Saturday School to address attendance make up issues as well as provide a place for students to work on Incomplete grades, credit recovery efforts, and Special Ed transition. This happens 8 am - 11 am most every Saturday with the transition effort from 10 am - 2 pm. Along with this effort, we want to begin offering similar support on Friday afternoons from 1:30 - 4:30 pm beginning Friday, February 6th in computer lab B. There will not be bussing available, but as a school it is felt that students needing any of this support should arrange ahead of time for transportation as we do not charge to provide this extra help.

    Additionally, we strongly encourage students to work with teachers about handling the making up of work with that teacher directly. All of this is directly related to keeping our graduation rate at 95% or better. Please be willing to take advantage of this help to help yourself.

  • Looking for Board members

    With various family and health related resignations, we need to staff our board with people who are willing to help the school continue to improve. Specific needs to fill would be in finance, business, and/or in non-profits, but a desire to help the school develop and improve are even more critically important. Please email the board your letter of intent including past experience that could be applicable to serving on a volunteer governing board. These should be sent directly to board@rockwellhigh.net or through Mr. Beck, dbeck@rockwellhigh.net. Your consideration of this effort is appreciated. Happy Holidays!

From the Director


Dear Rockwell,

As we near the end of basketball season, just felt a need to express gratitude for the players, the coaches, and our home crowds for making it a pleasure to be associated with Rockwell student athletes. We have not had issues of sportsmanship this season and our teams have made it worth cheering even when they have lost the game. While that cannot be said for some teams we have played, I'm able to hold my head up when I talk about our teams, our coaches, and our crowds. Thank you all again and stay tuned for news as we finish up region play and see how things work out to return to the state tournaments.

Also, along these same lines, I am proud of our young and somewhat inexperienced Drill team. They made it to the state 2A competition recently and put forth a solid effort to represent themselves and our school well at UVU. We had four All-Region Academic award winners: Lexi Orr, Kylia Johnson, Tiny Madsen, and Brekyn Holland and Lexi won the Regional Drill Down (which is no easy task!). Grateful to these great young women, their coaches, and parents as well as other supporters who made it through some of the most intense competition in Utah.

At present, we are gearing up for Region and State Drama competition. We have won back-to-back state titles, two years ago as 1A champs and this past year as 2A champs. We have a hard-earned reputation in Drama (as well as for the annual Shakespeare Competition each fall) for being very competitive. Learning lines and performing in front of small and large crowds is not easy nor is it everyone's thing, but our students work very hard to maintain a 2.5 GPA (UHSAA requires only a 2.0) to represent our school.

The academic value of all activities and athletics is hard to calculate, but it sometimes makes a huge difference in the lives of the students participating in them. All of this is simply to point out to parents, teachers, and other students that extracurriculars are not a waste and Rockwell has a higher standard for participation in such activities than most schools. No one on any team or involved in any activity is given a pass on grades or attendance and sometimes work long hours to make up work or absences to qualify week-to-week. Very grateful for these young people, their coaches and advisors, and parents for all their hard work and sacrifice.

Finally, I want to put out another request to help us track down our graduates from 2009 to the present. This has no other end but to see how they are doing and to ask them how we might have helped them better prepare for life after Rockwell, and what that life looks like. We are a mere 3 1/2 months from graduation so we will begin work with Seniors and graduating Juniors to put their 3-year post-high school plan together. Just email one of our administrators (Mr. Beck, Mrs. Spivey, or Ms. Madsen) to share information with us. Being fully accountable for our charter with the state also asks us to be more accountable to and for our students. Thank you for helping us with this effort.

Term 3 ends on March 13th, so let's get that work turned in and put the time in to study for quizzes and tests. Positive preparation usually means a more positive outcome.

Darren Beck,
Executive Director
Rockwell Charter High School

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