• FSO Corner

    Our first FSO meeting of the year took place on Saturday the 10th. Some great ideas were exchanged and the Executive Board for Rockwell’s Family School Organization is now set: Leesa Holland, president; Paula Beck, VP; Susie Smith, secretary; and Jennifer Chizmadia, treasurer.

    Rockwell will communicate here as well as via email and the Facebook about upcoming events sponsored by the FSO. There will also be an effort to communicate via texting, though that is still in the development stage. Please make sure the school has the correct, current email addresses and phone numbers for parents/guardians.

    Working together, 2016-17 can be Rockwell’s best year ever.

  • To Ask or Not To Ask...

    Rockwell often must forego various learning opportunities or extracurriculars due to the bond payment each month and the definitely unequal funding of charter schools compared to traditional schools in Utah.

    This is why asking is crucial. Everyone has family or friends who are in a position to give or work for or with others who are able to do so especially when to comes to charitable donations to a school. Every donation can make a difference.

    As a 501C3 non-profit, donations are also tax deductible to the giver. However, they have to be asked to give. Check with your favorite teacher or coach or adviser about the various projects they want to carry out. Whether it is a dollar amount or in-kind items, Rockwell can use it. Please don’t hesitate to ask.

From the Director


Dear Students, Parents, Teachers, and Support Staff,

We are about 28 school days away from the end of term 1 (1st quarter). We have plenty of options to help students succeed by way of before and after school tutoring, Mentoring groups, Math Lab on Tuesday and Thursday, and other individualized efforts. There really is no excuse for anyone to fail.

That said, the BEST way for students to be supported in their academic efforts is to attend class daily on time. If they are there and getting instruction on the subject, they stand a higher likelihood of understanding the work which leads to a higher rate of getting work turned in. Doing homework, turning in other assignments and projects, and being at school allows teachers to understand if there are challenges. No one can help a student if we never see them and never see their work.

Please support students by getting them to school on time and support their learning at home by asking if they are doing their work. Make sure they are getting the rest and nutrients they need and that they show up dressed appropriately for learning. All of us pulling in the same direction helps each student succeed.

Best always,

Darren Beck,
Executive Director
Rockwell Charter High School

Agenda and Announcements