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Dear Rockwell,

Congratulations once again to the class of 2017 and best wishes to them in their future endeavors. Congratulations to our other students, the majority anyway, for making it successfully through the school year with passing grades and accumulated credits toward their own graduation sooner or later. We’re proud of the effort extended by students and the preparation of our teachers to put in the time and effort needed to create academic success. Several studies out there show a strong correlation between grades and future success, so let’s all keep our eyes on the prize.

For those who struggled this term or year or who have in the past earning F grades, retaking the class or classes where an F was awarded makes the most sense. We know that isn’t always possible so Summer School can be part of the solution. For all current 7th and 8th grade students with one or more F grades this school year or in your Middle School time so far, please attend a meeting in the library on Tuesday, May 30th at 9 am regarding Middle School Re-boot Camp. This program will take place Monday through Friday, June 5th through the 23rd, from 9 am to 12 noon in the library. While this effort will not change the failed classes, it will be be a way for you to make up for lost credit and make sure you are ready for what is next.

For current 9th through 11th grader students who have one or more F grades on their transcripts are invited to attend a meeting in the library on Wednesday, May 31st at 9 am which will share details about the various options available over the summer. The options available are about recovering lost credit(s). The reality is that you earned the F grade for any number of good or bad reasons. One of the main purposes of this effort is to rewire some thinking that you have to continue to fail. This is what is meant when people say “we learn from failure.”

Soon enough, we will be saying back to school. Teachers will be back on August 7th for trainings and meetings together to make our 10th year our best yet. The annual Back-to-School Open House will take place on Thursday, August 10th, between 12 noon and 5 pm. And then students will start back on the 14th. More information will come home via email and will be available on the website and our Facebook page. With it being our 10th year, look for some special events to celebrate what it means to be Rockwell Marshals.

Again, congratulations to our class of 2017. Wishing everyone a great summer and hoping to see you all back here in the fall.

Best always,

Darren Beck,
Rockwell Charter High School

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    Positive Interactions

    As part of the public system of education in the state, Rockwell is committed to constant improvement. Furthermore, as a public charter school, the school is committed to doing what it can for the students entrusted to us. As needed, parents, guardians, and students should seek opportunities to meet with teachers to go over work, to review policies and procedures, and to connect in the mist appropriate ways to help students succeed. Positive interactions help us grow a culture of success.

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    FSO Corner

    FSO General Meeting, Wednesday, November 2nd, 7 pm, in the library. Please come out and see how you can be involved.

    Stay tuned for info on the Family Food Nights (and if you have ideas about doing one of these, please let us know) and other activities.

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