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From the Director


Dear Rockwell,

Dear Rockwell students and parents,

We held our annual Back-to-School Open House last night and it was busy, but enjoyable to talk with continuing students and new ones and their parents. Really appreciate our teachers for their willingness after a long, good day for their support. And I very much appreciated all who attended.

Today, we are excited to welcome our 7th and 8th grade students to their first day of school for this year. Our effort is to have them get a feel for how their schedules go and who their teachers will be this year. We are making a special effort to drive home what mentoring is and what it is not for everyone involved. As we have met with various Utah State Office of Education departments over the past two years as well as with our Accreditation External Review team in October 2013, they were unanimous in stating that our mentoring effort will make a great difference in how we grow and improve as a school community. On the 15th we will be able to do a similar run through with our 9th - 12th grade students with special emphasis on how critically important their effort, attitudes, and grades will be from 9th grade on.

I want to reemphasize how grateful we are to have you students and parents with as part of this learning community. No public charter school in the state or in the country can survive without everyone involved working together. As we start my third year back and our seventh year in operation, let's start it with the idea that we will simply do our best each day. Some days we will have to rely on others to lift us, but there will be other days where we will do the same for them. At the end of the year, we want to look back on this year with pride, with that sense of being "bluedacious" that you will hear about throughout this year. We want our blue and gold to represent the best effort, the truest intentions, and the most solid outcomes.

Best always,

Darren Beck,
Rockwell Charter High School

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