• 47 Days and counting...

    ... until the end of the school year. For a couple of years now, Rockwell has offered Saturday School to address attendance make up issues. This effort has evolved into providing a place for students to work on Incomplete grades, credit recovery efforts, and Special Ed transition. This happens 8 am - 11 am most every Saturday with the transition effort from 10 am - 2 pm. Along with this effort, the school has had several students do attendance make up hours and credit recovery work on Friday afternoons from 1:30 - 4:30 pm. There will not be bussing available for either of these efforts, but as a school it is felt that students needing any of this support should arrange ahead of time for transportation as we do not charge to provide this extra help.

    Even with these two options available, we strongly encourage students to work with teachers about handling the making up of work with that teacher directly. All of this is directly related to maintaining the RCHS graduation rate at 95% or better. Seniors needing credit recovery should see Misty Madsen or Darren Beck as soon as possible. Our goal of 95% or better for our graduation rate can only be met with everyone doing their part. No magic involved - lots of extra hours and efforts.

  • SAGE testing is here!

    Regardless of personal feelings or political ramifications, SAGE testing is back. From now through May, Rockwell will be administering these state-mandated assessments in Math, English, and Science, 7th through 11th grades. Misty Madsen or Candice Spivey are our lead assessment people, so please check with them on questions or concerns you may have about SAGE.

    Additionally, please make sure students are getting a decent breakfast in the morning as well as rest in the evening. I know it is hard to monitor some of these things with different schedules for parents and students, but these things really do help students in their testing efforts. Like here at school, please talk students up about doing their best, being positive with their own efforts, and taking their time while testing. Our desire is for them to do their best, which allows us to teach them better.

    FYI, last year, Rockwell scored 33% on Science, 22% in Language Arts, and 18% for Math compared to the state averages of 44%, 42%, and 39% respectively. We did not score the lowest of several secondary schools, but we have our work cut out for us.

From the Director


Dear Students, Teachers, and Parents,

Many of us know Garth Heap. He is a fun-loving, decent young man who keeps everyone laughing. One of his great loves is rodeo. On Friday, April 10th, Garth got hung up when bucked from a horse. The horse kicked Garth several times in the head. Once they cut him loose from the horse, he was flown to Primary Children's Hospital where he has been in a medically-induced coma to allow medical professionals to work on him. Our hearts and prayers go out to Garth and his family. Stay tuned for some announcements about activities to support Garth and his family.

As we return from spring break, there are just 46 days overall until graduation and 47 days until the last day of school. In order for that time to go well, I am asking everyone to be involved and engaged in making the next month and a half more productive, make this time better. That requires support at home in addition to student cooperation and teacher and school employee vigilance at school. There are things that can take focus away from a school's primary effort of education to be on stuff that may not matter to many, but overall represent general order principles that simply need to be followed so we can be at our best daily. Being personally responsible and accountable for the following will allow us to have a higher degree of success as individuals and as a school:

(1) Stop swearing, or at least do it under your breath so everyone doesn't have to hear it. It is against school rules even if you are not immediately sent to the office. This should be considered everyone's written and verbal warning for the remainder of the year. From today forward, students using the F-word will be assigned ISS (in-school suspension) with the possibility of out-of-school suspension for chronic or repeat use.

(2) With warmer, nicer weather, a reminder to cover up. Rockwell's dress code is fairly simple, yet often misunderstood. All students have a school planner with the dress code and other rules in it, but it boils down to three key principles: modesty, cleanliness, and clothing in good repair. If no one is home for students to get a change of clothing, students will serve detention on Friday, 1:30-3:30 pm, or Saturday, 8:00-10:00 am for each infraction.

(3) With spring having sprung, couples seem to feel a need to embrace and kiss. When students are asked to stop by any school employee it means it is against the rules and not to be done at school. Ever. Students should not have to be told twice especially in the same 5-minute time frame. As with the other items, this is the final written and verbal warnings. PDA offenders will be assigned to ISS, separately.

(4) Tardiness tells a teacher you don't care about their class. 3 tardies are equal to an unexcused absence and 5 of those require either Saturday School, 8:00-11:00 am or Friday Late Session, 1:30-4:30 pm. Absences not sanctioned by parents/guardians or the school will likewise be addressed as listed in the attendance policy. Sluffing class, whether on or off campus, will also be grounds for Saturday School or Friday Late Session as well as possible ISS, if needed.

(5) Disrupting class, disrespecting teachers, school employees, and/or other students will be reviewed carefully, but will usually result in a couple of days of suspension. Fighting or threatening another physically, verbally, mentally, or socially will likewise be dealt with this way. We simply do not have time to waste. And teachers, school employees, and other students should not have to be held hostage by poor behavior and bad attitudes.

Simply stated, please obey all school rules. We will never handle things perfectly, much less the way it might be handled in your home, but we do have a standard and there are consequences which we have held students accountable for all year. I genuinely want us to end the year on the best note possible and I believe very devoutly that attention to these 5 critical areas will help us do that. Parents, please review these items with your students. Students, please ask us for clarification if unsure of something. Teachers and other school employees, it is your job to bring these things to the attention of a member of administration, not just to the office, unless it is an issue you wish to address in your classroom. If we all stay on the same page with one another, it makes the next 47 days much better than they might otherwise be for each of us.

Best to everyone,

Darren Beck,
Executive Director
Rockwell Charter High School

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